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P-10 DIP

P-10 DIP

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Main Specification

Pixel Pitch(mm)


Panel Size (inch)

1280(W)×960 (H)×125(D)

Panel Size (mm)


P-10 DIP LED Display

Highly Stable  Widely Visible  Extremely Sharp

Excellent Display Effect,
true-to-life Presentation

Super high contrast ratio by patented mask and ultra-uniform color bring your content to life.

Multiple Protections, Super High Stability

Full-waterproof modules are anti-UV to avoid deformation.  IP65/IP54 high protection facilitates long-time stable running even under harsh weather.

Dual Cooling Channels, Longer Working Hours

Modules are separated from the power supply to double heat dissipation channels, which helps to extend the service lifespan to maximize the investment returns for you.

Wider Viewing Angle, More Eyeballs Covered

Super-wide 160° viewing angle captures more attention from viewers to maximize the advertisement value.

Convenient Serviceability, Greater Flexibility

By supporting Front & Rear installation and maintenance. Arsita Vision SMD Screen based LED Display panels can be curved into L-Shape, Cylinder, Concave and other shapes to match multi-occasion applications.

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