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P-0.9 SMD Screen

P-0.9 SMD Screen

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Main Specification

Pixel Pitch(mm)


Panel Size (inch)

24 (W)×13.5 (H)×1.5(D)

Panel Size (mm)

610 (W)×343 (H)×39(D)

P-0.9 SMD LED Display

Display the Thin & Light Aesthetics

Ultra-thin & Sleek Panel
Designed to Blend with the Wall

One with the Wall

39mm-thick cabinet narrows down the overall wall-mounting thickness to less than 64mm. The light-weight design of 6.7kg can cause no load-bearing worries at all.

More Friendly Front Maintenance

Integrated plugin connection doubles stability and reduces failure frequency. Modules, power supply, system card can be maintained from the front without rear space.

Interlock Tremendously Improves Efficiency

1s to lock and go. The interlocking structure guarantees higher precision and cuts down the cumbersome operation at the same time, bringing 3X increase in efficiency.

16:9 Golden Ratio Splicing

27.5" diagonal VF panels in standard aspect ratio perfectly match mainstream video sources and enable to substitute any existing LCD screen directly.

Intelligent System and Module

Support real-time module operation monitoring without monitoring card, smart data backup, one-button reset, module automatic calibration, arbitrary rotation of pictures, etc.

Double Backup, No Blackout

Signal and power support get physical backup to ensure smooth operation of the screen without blackout even for long-time running.

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